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Roasted ceramic products without glaze in the potter's hands. Top view. Art and small busi

Firing is available by the kiln load or by the piece in our electric kilns*. We calculate prices by the cubic inch (length x width x height).

Bisque firing = $0.03 per cubic inch.

Glaze Firing (did not use studio glazes) = $0.06 per Cubic inch.


Glaze Firing (used studio glazes) = $0.08 per cubic inch

Tiles are $1 per tile up to 6” x 6”


Other Rules & Charges
  • All pieces are a minimum of $1 (excludes bulk items like beads)

  • Pieces that are glazed by staff will cost an additional $1

  • Stilted pieces will cost an additional $0.50 per piece

  • Pieces that need to be wiped will cost an additional $0.50 per piece.


*Students and Members will have reduced pricing $.02 and $.07 respectively.

Painting Studio

Rent time in the studio by the hour for quick projects.  $8/hour  Prior experience with pottery equipment is required.  

Art Class

Hourly group rentals for gatherings and group projects that don't require equipment or staff assistance. $20/hour groups of 3 ($5/additional person.) contact us for large groups.

Master class on modeling of clay on a potter's wheel In the pottery workshop.jpg

For 2 hour private session $50/person using the pottery wheel or building by hand.  $45/person for groups of 2 or more up to 5 people.  The individual can make three pieces to keep.  Any additional pieces will be charged in accordance with our firing fees.

Image by Emily Webster

Workshops will be short term hands on classes led by an outside instructor.  Prices will vary based on project and duration.  Stay tuned for some exciting events.

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